Geeky Stitching Club FAQs

 How do I subscribe to the geeky stitching club?

 There will be a specific page on the website, dedicated to the geeky stitching club! You will just need to select the duration of the subscription that you would like; there will be three in total that you can choose from; 3,6 or 12-month subscriptions (please ensure you click on either the UK or overseas option depending on your location)

What's included in the subscription? 

Each month there will be a different food pun/ kawaii themed box sent direct to your door! Each box will contain one full kit (this includes everything you need to stitch up and hang the main pattern), a bonus pattern ( normally slogan/floral based) a mini pattern ( which is based around the current box theme, a mini supplies kit ( which includes a 15cm x 15cm piece of premium material plus a full skein of DMC thread) for an extra £6 you can receive all the extra threads, hoop & pom pom trim to complete the mini pattern which is included within your box, just check out the 'Club box add on's' listing on the main shop page

Everything will be wrapped up in tissue paper and sealed with a personalised name sticker! Plus some sweet treats will be thrown in for you to enjoy!

How much does the subscription cost?

 · A 3 month subscription will cost £13.50 per month for UK customers and £14.99 per month for overseas customers (the price which you have been previously paying) 

 · A 6 month subscription will cost £12.50 per month for UK customers and £13.99 per month for overseas customers 

 ·  A 12 month subscription will cost £11.50 per month for UK customers and £12.99 per month for overseas customers plus a special code for 10% off all year round ( excludes Geeky Stitching Club)! 

All of the above prices include shipping Everyone who signs up to a subscription will be added automatically to a mailing list and will be sent vouchers, updates & fun stuff before every one else!

Are there any hidden or upfront costs? 

There are absolutely NO hidden or upfront costs, what you see is what you get!

When and how will I be billed? 

The date in which you sign up will determine when the amount comes from your account each month. For example, if you signed up on January 3rd for 3 months then on February 3rd & March 3rd the amounts will be debited from your account, this will be by automatic direct debit straight from you account. Please note if you sign up after the 15th of each month then you will not receive the current months box as the tenth of each month is the cut off date.

Please note you will need a PayPal account for this transaction, they are very easy to set up and ensure that your payment is secure.    

Do I have to reorder my box every month?

Nope, once you have entered all your details the first time, the amount will be deducted automatically each month for the duration of your subscription.

How do I cancel my subscription?

 Due to the way the pricing discount works, you will be unable to cancel your subscription until it comes to the end of the duration in which you have signed up for. Only in exceptional circumstances can a subscription be cancelled before the end of the contract, (you will need to email us by clicking on the 'Contact us' page on the website) If subscriptions are cancelled by the customer before the end of agreement the final payment will be used to cover the cost of the customer receiving the boxes at a reduced rate and a box will not be sent. 

Free Subscription gift 

Each person to sign up to the club will receive a free PDF pattern from us! 

When will my box be dispatched? 

Boxes will be dispatched on the between the 20th-25th of ever month (on a week day) however this will be changing from November 2017, so that your box will dispatch 7-10 days after payment wooh! 

How will my box be dispatched? 

Boxes are sent by 2nd class post with royal mail, these are untracked to ensure you are getting the best prices! Please note that tracking is available at an extra cost (just contact us to arrange) once your box leaves the premises we are not liable for them if they are lost or misplaced. However if your parcel doesn't turn up, please contact us and we can sort something out for you!

Do you only offer monthly subscriptions? 

No, you can purchase a 'Pay as you go box' if you just want to buy a single box and don't want to sign up to a subscription, you can also get past boxes by clicking on the 'Build a box' section of the website. These boxes cost £15.00 for UK customers and £17.50 for overseas customers and are the most expensive option, these need to be purchased as required and could possibly be limited stock if it's the current month.

What happens when I come to the end of my subscription? 

Please notify us after you have received your final box on your current sub if you wish to upgrade, cancel or suspend your sub. We need a minimum of 72 hours notice before the next payment comes out to get this arranged, otherwise we are unable to may any amendments in Paypal. Please note it is your responsibility to contact us & your sub will automatically renew if we do not hear anything from you, to find out when your sub ends either send us an email at any time or go to the original email that your would have received from Paypal. 

Can I sign up at any time? 

Of course! However the cut off for the current month is the 17th of every month, therefore any orders received after this date will be dispatched the following month. (Plus spaces are limited)

I have moved what do i do? 

Please ensure that you contact us immediately to advise of your new address. If you do not advise within 48 hours of the 20th of the month then the box will be send to your current address and we cannot be held liable or send replacements  

Need more info? 

Please contact us directly if you have any questions about the club or if you need any more information, through the 'contact us' page. 

One more thing ... 

Please note that your email will also be added into our 'Newsletter' database ( you can un-subscribe at any time) to keep you up to date with all news & offers. By signing up to the 'Geeky Stitching Club' you are agreeing to all the above T&C's