About us

The Geeky Stitching Company is mainly run by Jess (the pale girl on the left) an avid stitcher and collector of cute stuff! Mr P (the dude on the right) gets roped into helping by cutting threads, printing labels and making tea. The guy in the middle is Barley, the camera shy, overly friendly cocker spaniel who likes to knock things over and is generally a bit annoying but cute with it! 

Everything is designed & packaged from their cottage in North Devon, England, at an address that everyone thinks is made up (Yep ... 'St Giles in the wood' is totally a place!) 

The 'Geeky Stitching Club' came from Jess' love of happy mail, cute foods with faces & cross stitch, all rolled up into one box of awesomeness! With an ever growing members list, Jess hopes to take over the world with her cute stitches (Ok maybe that was a bit dramatic!) 

Having fun is what we are all about, so thank you for stopping by (even if it was by accident!) and please contact us if you wanna chat, trade, exchange photos of dogs in clothes or talk about stitching! 

As seen in ... Mollie Makes, Buzzfeed (twice!) Studio DIY, NOTHS, Etsy, Caboodle Magazine, Sparklers Magazine, Cratejoy ( new sub biz winners!) and a load more that i can't remember! :)